SEASON seven's Pride Round kicks off on Friday night, with each club set to wear a specially designed guernsey to celebrate the occasion.

The round celebrates diversity and inclusivity within the game and community, with each club's jumper representing elements that are meaningful to that team.

Check out your club's guernsey below.

Pride Round fixture: Brisbane v Adelaide at Metricon Stadium, Friday at 7.30pm AEST

*Adelaide wore their Pride guernsey during round seven as it will be unable to wear its Pride guernsey during round eight due to a jumper clash

Adelaide’s Pride guernsey has the rainbow flag woven seamlessly into the centre of the design, reflecting how LGBTIQA+ fans are a core part of the Adelaide Football Club community.

The 2022 design increases the visibility of the rainbow flag, with the colours added to the shoulders of the guernsey.

Defender Marijana Rajcic said she hoped the guernsey and Pride Round would send a message of inclusion to all AFLW fans.

“Pride Round is about being inclusive,” Rajcic said.

“As a Club we want to be inclusive of everyone, no matter their race, religion, gender.

“It’s about making sure everyone belongs somewhere and there’s a community out there that’s willing to make you feel like you belong and you belong with us.”

Marijana Rajcic in action during round seven, season seven, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Pride Round fixture: Brisbane v Adelaide at Metricon Stadium, Friday at 7.30pm AEST

Brisbane has utilised pastel colours for their second-ever AFLW Pride Guernsey, designed in collaboration with players Belle Dawes and Jesse Wardlaw

The design features the Pride Rainbow cascading down the torso of the guernsey behind the traditional Fitzroy Lion, with a pride of smaller Fitzroy Lions imprinted on the rainbow, demonstrating the Club’s support of the LGBTQI+ community and the desire to be a club for all.

For Dawes and Wardlaw, the guernsey and Pride Round is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity in the individuals that make up the AFLW community; players, staff, members and fans alike.

(L-R): Bre Koenen, Jesse Wardlaw and Belle Dawes wear Brisbane's season seven Pride Round guernsey. Picture: Brisbane FC

“The individual Lions that make up the guernsey design represent the fact that everyone is a part of our pride,” Wardlaw said.

“Even though everyone is so unique and different in their own ways, everyone is welcomed into our pride and part of our community and that’s what this guernsey represents.”

“Having a Pride Round and creating this safe community in AFLW for everyone to be who they are is so important,” Dawes added.

“We still have such a long way to go, and I think that’s why it’s so important that we do have a Pride Round. It’s about showing up and creating this safe space for everyone to feel comfortable, welcomed, and accepted to just be themselves.”

Pride Round fixture: Carlton v Richmond at Ikon Park, Friday at 6.30pm AEDT

Carlton's season seven Pride Round jumper was designed by Megan Furphy, and celebrates community and connection.

The design was chosen after the club called for submissions from members and fans, with the AFLW leadership group and the Carlton Pride group selecting the winning design.

The Blues' Pride Round player ambassador, Mua Laloifi, said the whole team looked forward to playing in Pride Round each season.

“It is an honour to be named the Carlton player ambassador for Pride Round and it is such an important week in terms of wider recognition and celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Laloifi said.

“We opened up the guernsey design to our members and fans because we really value their input and want their voices to be heard, we’re all looking forward to putting on Megan’s design on Friday night for our first ever Pride game at IKON Park.”

Mua Laloifi (left) and Nic Newman launch Carton's AFLW S7 Pride guernsey. Picture: AFL Photos

Pride Round fixture: Fremantle v Collingwood at Fremantle Oval, Sunday at 2.10pm AWST

Collingwood's Pride guernsey for season seven features the progress Pride rainbow colours along with pink and blue stripes to represent the transgender community and a brown strip to represent people of colour in the LGBTIQA+ community.

The Pride guernsey was designed in conjunction with Collingwood AFLW players Sabrina Frederick and Eloise Chaston.

"It's an honour to have been involved in the design process of this very special guernsey and it truly means a lot to me personally in representing who I am," Frederick said.

"We've added more colour to this season's design as the essence of 'Pride' is loud and proud and that's reflected in this season's guernsey. It’s true to the Collingwood jumper but we also wanted to make it loud and as colourful as possible.

"Pride Round's my favourite round, it’s always so positive and you know that it has a significant impact on people whether you’re involved directly in football or not."

Chaston added: "Here at Collingwood, we have such an inclusive community whether you are part of the Pride community or an ally, everyone in the club accepts us for who you are, whoever you love and however you identify, and everyone accepts you for you. It’s amazing to have a club that’s so supportive of all."

The Pies will wear the guernsey during Sunday's Pride Round match against Fremantle and again for the round nine match against North Melbourne at Victoria Park.

Sabrina Frederick and Eloise Chaston wear Collingwood's Pride guernsey. Picture:

Pride Round fixture: Essendon v Sydney at Ikon Park, Saturday at 3.10pm AEDT

Essendon's pride guernsey was designed by VFLW premiership players Mia-Rae Clifford and Kendra Heil.

The sash is created by handprints of players and staff from the Bombers' VFLW program who identify in the LGBTIQA+ community.

The design celebrates the notion of connection and supporting one another.

"The design for this jumper is a lot about love and respect. Each hnadprint represents you and how proud you are. It's more than a signature or fingerprint, it's you," Clifford said.

"I find hands tell stories - whether it's my hand on my heart because I love you or I hold your hand because I care about you and I want to encourage and support you or my hand on your back because I'm going to protect and fight for you.

"So that's what they all mean and as a team, when these girls run out, they'll be by each other's side, fighting for each other and protecting one another."

Essendon has launched its new Pride guernsey. Picture: Essendon Football Club

Pride Round fixture: Fremantle v Collingwood at Fremantle Oval, Sunday at 2.10pm AWST

Fremantle has designed a purple home strip edition of its Pride guernsey for season seven.

The colours of the Pride Flag again fill the chevrons.

Pride Round fixture: Geelong v West Coast at Ikon Park, Saturday at 5.40pm AEDT

Geelong's final design was selected as it has the blended rainbow flag wrapping around the body in a symbolic gesture of support, representation, and embrace. 

The words "We are Football" were included to demonstrate that everyone is welcome and included in the game, also leaning on the "She is Football" wording – regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation.

For the first time in the club's history the logo has been changed to rainbow colours on the guernsey. This is a demonstration of the club's support and representation of the pride community.

Geelong has launched its guernsey for AFLW Pride Round. Picture:

Pride Round fixture: Gold Coast v Melbourne at Metricon Stadium, Saturday at 6.40pm AEST

Gold Coast's season seven Pride Round guernsey was designed in conjunction with the playing group and features elements of the traditional Suns design, the Pride Progress Flag down each side, as well as the Transgender and Straight Ally flags.

Forward Tori Groves-Little highlighted what the round represented to them.

“We’ve incorporated the Pride Progress Flag which aims to include the marginalised communities of colour, which is important, taking steps in the right direction, adding new elements to be more inclusive and it’s great to see,” Groves-Little said.

“Pride Round means to me, acceptance. Especially in the AFLW, there is a lot of people that play and view the game that fit into the LGBTQIA+, so it’s about acceptance and welcoming, being role models in making the community a safer place.”

Ashlee Atkins wears Gold Coast's season seven Pride Round guernsey. Picture: Gold Coast FC

Pride Round fixture: Greater Western Sydney v Hawthorn at Henson Park, Sunday at 3.10pm AEDT

Greater Western Sydney's Pride Round guernsey for season seven is an evolution on last season’s design, combing the colours of the Pride Progress Flag within the Giants' 'G' logo.

Defender Katherine Smith said Pride Round is extremely important to her.

“It is a fantastic celebration of our rainbow community and love,” she said.

“I think it is important to show representation of love and inclusivity, and sport is a great avenue to promote that.

“Pride Round is a fantastic opportunity to show how far we’ve come as a community and continue to strive for respect and equality.”

Pride Round fixture: Greater Western Sydney v Hawthorn at Henson Park, Sunday at 3.10pm AEDT

Hawthorn has collaborated with popular supporter group Hawks Pride to design its inaugural Pride guernsey.

The colours on the left and right stripes of the guernsey represent the Pride Progress Flag. 

The Pride Progress Flag was designed to emphasise inclusion and progression, representing the entire LGBTQIA+ community, including transgender and gender diverse people and people of colour. The left stripe of the guernsey features the Transgender Flag as well as black and brown stripes while the right stripe of the guernsey features the traditional Pride Flag. 

The stripes are unfinished paintbrush strokes. These strokes represent that our story is still being painted in AFLW and in the pride space.

Instead of the traditional Hawthorn logo on the front of the guernsey, the Pride guernsey will proudly feature the Hawks Pride logo to highlight the important work of the supporter group.

The back of the garment is finished with the words: ‘We believe in inclusion’.

The Hawks will wear the jumper in rounds eight and nine.

Catherine Brown and Tilly Lucas-Rodd model Hawthorn's Pride guernsey. Picture:

Pride Round fixture: Gold Coast v Melbourne at Metricon Stadium, Saturday at 6.40pm AEST

Melbourne's Pride Round guernsey for season seven features the colours of the Pride flag on the club's traditional 'V', with colours representing the transgender flag and people of colour on the back of the guernsey.

The jumper was designed by Alejandro Stephens, a member of the club's Pride supporter group.

“The very word Pride was behind it all,” Stephens said.

“I was inspired to generate a collection of elements that transmit the celebratory messages of community and coming together. 

“My goal was to ensure each palette was strikingly visible from the guernsey, on the front and the back. 

The Demons will wear the guernsey on Saturday evening when they play against Gold Coast.

Pride Round fixture: Port Adelaide v North Melbourne at Alberton Oval, Saturday at 12.40pm ACDT

*North Melbourne wore their Pride guernsey during round seven as it will be unable to wear its Pride guernsey during round eight due to a jumper clash

North Melbourne's Pride Round guernsey for season seven incorporates elements of the Progress Pride Flag, which includes the six colours of the rainbow Pride flag as well as colours representing marginalised 
LGBTQIA+ communities of colour and the Transgender Pride Flag.

The Kangaroos wore the jumper during round seven, and will wear it again during the offical Pride Round in round eight.

“The word 'Pride', it means you have pride in yourself, in who you are, in who we are as a club. We’ve become a place for so many people who traditionally didn’t belong in football,” midfielder Tess Craven said.

“It’s a great honour to represent all those people who never got a chance to play football because of who they were.

“Footy has made me feel really included, I’ve felt like I’ve always been in a really safe place. In footy, you always feel welcomed no matter who you are, I’ve always felt like I could truly be myself.”

(L-R): Jasmine Garner, Tess Craven, Sarah Wright and Emma King. Picture: AFL Photos

Pride Round fixture: Port Adelaide v North Melbourne at Alberton Oval, Saturday at 12.40pm ACDT

Port's final guernsey design centres around a fingerprint, inspired by the beauty of human individuality.

The fingerprint incorporates colours from the Non-Binary, Progress and Lesbian Pride Flags and signifies the array of identities that come together to create the Port Adelaide Football Club family.

As unique as a fingerprint is to each person, so too is their identity, and each member of the LGBTQIA+ community has their own story to tell.

Pulling inspiration from the Pride Walk in Light Square, dates from key pride events and progressive political decisions have also been included in the design, marking society's ongoing journey toward equal rights and opportunity.

Pride Round fixture: Carlton v Richmond at Ikon Park, Friday at 6.30pm AEDT

Richmond's predominately yellow design maintains and expands on the stories within the club's inaugural Pride guernsey, worn last season.

Developed in conjunction with the club's community partner Midsumma Festival, artist Matthew Chan, captain Katie Brennan, and vice-captain Sarah Hosking, the design captures the journey of those in Richmond's Women’s program while showing the importance of pride and inclusion.

Beginning again at the bottom of the sash with a young girl sitting and pondering what she can be when she grows up, the jumper continues along its story of growth, identity, and hard work.

Chan said that adding new elements to the existing artistic design of memories and milestones from last season within the sash represented the slow building of history.

"I love the idea of keeping the same design as last season," he said.

"Nothing is one step to get to a goal. You need to work hard to create your journey. I wanted to pass on the message that everyone starts the same, and we need to work to become who we want to be."

Richmond vice-captain Sarah Hosking, artist Matthew Chan and captain Katie Brennan. Picture:

Pride Round fixture: Western Bulldogs v St Kilda at Mars Stadium, Sunday at 1.10pm AEDT

St Kilda will pay homage to some significant markers in LGBTQIA+ history while inspiring and encouraging an inclusive and accepting future for all in season seven's AFLW Pride Round.

Designed earlier in 2022 by members of St Kilda’s AFLW playing group – including current players Kate Shierlaw, Alice Burke and Lucy Burke – and the club’s graphic design team and community partners, the guernsey reflects key moments and events that have helped shape an inclusive culture both at the Saints and the broader football community. 

The guernsey adapts a blackout version of St Kilda’s 'crusader' kit, featuring the crest motif in the colours of the Pride Progress Flag. Emblazoned on each colour wave are milestone words, detailed in chronological order, which carry significant meaning within the LGBTQIA+ community and the Saints’ AFLW playing group.

(L-R): Alice Burke, Kate Shierlaw and Lucy Burke wear St Kilda's S7 Pride Round guernsey. Picture: St Kilda FC

Among them are ‘Fitzroy Street’ – a nod to the origins of the LGBTQIA+ movement for equality in St Kilda and, more recently, the MidSumma Pride March – and ‘YES!’ to recognise the marriage equality outcome from 2017. 

The words ‘Together We Rise’ conclude the wording to symbolise the club’s shared vision of creating inclusive environments for all, with a commitment to learning and growth between our AFLW, AFL, VWFL and VBFL sides, as well as the St Kilda community,

“Being able to wear this guernsey is really special,” co-vice-captain and proud LBGTQIA+ community member Kate Shierlaw said.

“The design of this guernsey has a lot of meaning behind it and is something I’m proud to have played a part in. I’ve been lucky to always feel welcome and included in football, but I know that hasn’t been the case for everyone."

Pride Round fixture: Essendon v Sydney at Ikon Park, Saturday at 3.10pm AEDT

For its inaugural Pride Round, Sydney's AFLW team will wear the same guernsey design the club's men's team has worn for the past two AFL Pride Games.

The Swans will wear the jumper when they take on Essendon at Ikon Park on Saturday.

Sydney CEO Tom Harley said the club was thrilled to continue its long-running support of Pride initiatives.

“Our club is incredibly proud of the work we have done to ensure everyone feels safe, welcome, and included at the football,” Harley said.

“Through initiatives such as the launch of our DAP, being the first professional sporting club to participate in the Mardi Gras Parade, and of course having our men’s team play in the Pride Game for the past seven years, we have been able to demonstrate a continued commitment to LGBTIQA+ communities.

“We are thrilled to be taking another step in that journey and can’t wait to see our women’s team run out in our Pride Guernsey as part of the AFLW’s Pride Round.”

Pride Round fixture: Geelong v West Coast at Ikon Park, Saturday at 5.40pm AEDT

*West Coast wore their Pride guernsey during round seven as it will be unable to wear its Pride guernsey during round eight due to a jumper clash

West Coast wore its first ever AFLW Pride Round guernsey in round seven's game against Richmond.

The Eagles' design incorporates the colours of the Progress Pride flag into the traditional West Coast Eagle head.

Former Eagle Andrea Gilmore was a driving force in the design.

“It was great to be able to help in this design process and also have a bit of a chat to the group,” Gilmore said.

“It was really important for me to be a part of this process on-going, even after I have retired.

“The potential for this club in terms of its diversity and inclusivity is something I’m really passionate about and reflecting on how I have felt in my journey. It’s important to be able to have a say in this space and to make sure other people feel as included as I have.  

“Pride Round to me is a celebration of the LBGTQI family, which I am a part of, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the diverse group of people. It is an acknowledgement of the hardships they have been through and the resilience that group of people have shown. It’s great that the playing group and the staff here have the support of everyone else at the club too.”

Emma Swanson leads the Eagles out onto the field ahead of round seven, season seven, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Pride Round fixture: Western Bulldogs v St Kilda at Mars Stadium, Sunday at 1.10pm AEDT

The Western Bulldogs have completely overhauled their traditional red, white and blue colour scheme for this season's Pride Round, adopting the pastel blue, pink and white colours of the transgender flag.

Players Issy Grant and Nell Morris-Dalton led the design process in consultation with the Bulldogs' Pride supporter group.

“We had a few Zooms with the Bulldog Pride supporter group to ask them what they were passionate about, what they liked about previous jumpers, what they didn’t like – and any issues they thought were super prevalent and wanted to touch on,” Grant explained.

“We then went back to the drawing table and found a way to represent what they wanted, and this design is what we came up with in the end.”

“Obviously a lot of other jumper designs have featured the transgender flag but usually in smaller kind of spaces – so we thought it’d be really awesome if we could make it the main part of the jumper,” Morris-Dalton said.

“We still need to do a lot of education around it too, so I think it’s a good conversation starter.”