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How to Lose Weight with Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

pretty girl on scalePeople want to lose weight but going on a diet alone usually does not do it for them. There are many supplements on the market but many of them do not work. Others contain harmful side effects. There are all natural weight loss aides that can help a person shed the pounds. The garcinia cambogia fruit has been used in parts of India and Asia for years to suppress appetite. This fruit has been used in preserves, jams, and mixed in with many dishes. This fruit resembled a small pumpkin. It contains HCA which will also help burn fat. Doctor Oz recommends these supplements to help a person with their weight loss because it is effective and has no side effects.

When garcinia cambogia is used as part of a plan to lose weight it has been shown to be effective. This supplement is taken in addition to diet or exercise. This fruit contains hydroxycitric acid which is made in the body. The HCA can triple a person’s attempt to lose the weight. The fruit will give a person the feeling of fullness so they do not have the desire to eat. This fruit can also be used to help improve a person’s mood. There are natural acids found in the fruit to make a person feel happy and relaxed. This will also help with people that are emotional eaters.

They will not be stressed enough to eat and will not hungry either. This supplement will help a person reach their goals of a healthy weight. This fruit can also improve a person’s sleeping habits and make them more rested.
The extract from this fruit has been featured and commented on by Doctor Oz. Pure Garcinia Cambogia is all natural from a fruit and does not contain additives. There are no known side effects since this supplement comes from a fruit. In addition to healthy eating habits and proper exercise a person can lose up to three times the weight by using this supplement. Using this supplement will help a person burn the fat that is already in the body and keep new fat from being stored.

In general, there are very few side effects with Garcinia Cambogia, but you must be sure to purchase from a reputable source.

33 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight with Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

  1. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia in the best form! I have found a gormet coffee that has it blended in it! It is amazing and I have had astounding results. Many of my friends are drinking the coffee too and are also experiencing a “shrinking” result. So happy to have found this product! It has changed my life! I sleep better have tons of energy,and am down 2 sizes….it is so much more convenient to drink a cup of healthy coffee everyday than remember to take a pill 3 times a day…happy to share the information!

    1. Hi Elisa

      Please Please Please tell me wheren you found the gormet GC Coffee? I’m a coffee addict, and it’ll be so much easier then trying to chug down powder flavoured water.

      Many thanks

  2. I have been dieting for 20 days now, eating 1200-1500 calories, burning 300-400 calories a day walking and doing yoga. I am also taking 3000mg of garcina cambogia a day. I have only lost 2.5 pounds in 20 days. I was hoping to drop the weight much faster. Any advice?

  3. ive been taking the gardenia cambodia for about a week and i have not seen a difference, ive been exercising and eating less. what do i do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  4. i had a liver transplant around seven and a half years ago and i am feeling pretty good. I have about fourty pounds to loose and i could use some help with my diet would this be harmful to my liver?

  5. I just received my Garcinia Cambodia, I started Menopause about a year ago, talk about middle age spread! It has been devastating to say the least. I cannot seem to lose weight for the life of me, my product has 60% “HCA” in it, do you believe this product can help?

  6. i just started taking GC so i can’t judge it yet, but I have a question.
    There are times when, after taking GC, ‘life’ happens and i’m not able to eat within the 60 minute time frame.
    Is this less effective if i don’t eat for 2 or 3 hours ??

  7. I just started taking Skinny Fiber. It cost me $66 on the website for one bottle (a months worth). Im not going to be able to afford them any longer due to a recent decrease in pay. Where can I get this product and not a “look alike”?

  8. i been taking garcinia cambogia for almost 2month and lost 34pounds i didnt change anything i had taking other diet pills but nothing like this im very over weight and i didnt believe it at first but it really works its worth the money and the good thing its cheap please buy the product if your overweight like me i give it 1 out of 10 a 10 love it

  9. I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia with my friend for 2 months now. We both, have seen improvements. For myself, I noticed i have slimmed down a little bit, espeically in my face and legs(i have very chubby legs lol). As for my stomach, I have seen little improvent but not enough to say “yes, this product made me lose weight.” I also notice a HUGE difference with my appitie and lack of energy. I find Garcinia cambogia definee me a huge energy boost and will help me improve. I actually noticed it helping me sleep better too.

    For my friend, it helped her lose a lot more weight then it has myself. In her two months,she slimmed down a lot and probably lost a good 10-15 pounds. She found that it gave her a bit more energy but not a huge difference.

    I definetly recomend this product. Just be patient.

  10. I would like to lose 20-25lbs. Can you please tell me works best with garcinia cambogia. I know that garcinia cambogia is afar blocker and appetite suppressant but I would also like a fat burner as well. And what company do you think is best?

  11. Can you take Garcinia Cambogia as long as you need it? I lost a good amount of weight, but I still have no reached my goal weight. It has definitely been more than a month though.

  12. Hello, I just received my Garcinia Cambogia Supplements and I don’t know how to take. Should I take it Before or After meals.

    1. take what is directed on your bottle. Take them before meals, usually 30 minutes before. So, like, if you are cooking a meal, take it right before then. With a full glass of water or juice. In the morning I make coffee before I eat, so I take my morning pill with my coffee, then make the kids breakfast, then myself. But, if you are running late, you can take them before you eat, you just wont maximize the pills effects if you take them right before you eat.

  13. When is the best time to take the capsule? Right before you have a meal? Just received my 30 day supply today and all it says is two capsules a day.

  14. I was reading Grace Z comment and am looking for something to burn fat, hunger suppressant, boost energy, speed up metabolism. What do you suggest? But do not want to sell my sole to afford it.

  15. Grace Z., it works. Mind you, I am significantly overweight, so it might be working a little better than it would for someone in a more normal range. However, I lost twelve pounds in two weeks of doing nothing. After so many previously failed efforts to lose weight the traditional and nontraditional routes, it’s been a b…. to get motivated. I’m not jittery, starving, tired, or anxious. I don’t care about the scale that I’ve been attached to for years. And I’m at peace in my thoughts and body image. It’s not a miracle product, but it is. To lose 6lbs on a lazy week is great, but to lose 10lbs through effort and garcinia is even better. Just make sure the ones you get meet the criteria, and don’t go over 3000mg. It doesn’t do anything but make you um… lose.

    1. hello, where did you buy your garcinia? I here there are fakes and I am skeptical on which website to buy off of.

  16. I am beginning to take Garcinia Cambogia and I couldn’t find a diet plan that goes with it is there a specific diet to go along with GC

    Thank you

  17. My thoughts, I was thinking about trying this, But, it seems every time something new comes out, and Dr.
    Oz has someone from the Company that is making this product, on his show, he claims that this is the best there is.
    So I am wondering if I should try this, or wait until he claims the next pill as being the best there is..
    So before I think about ordering this ( as I am on a fixed income) I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about this.

    1. Yes, there are many supplements out there for weight loss. But it all depends on you and what you are looking for.

      Are you looking to burn fat, block fat, hunger suppressant, boost energy, speed up metabolism, or a combination?

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